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Fine-art, painting, drawing and sculpting are a significant part of my life since my childhood. I am happy to do any work where I can create something new with my manual dexterity and my ideas. As a teenager I learnt to play guitar and played in several rock and heavy metal bands. After my time in the army, I stopped actively playing, but my attachment to the guitar was still alive!  These days I like to play for my own pleasure.

I have combined the love of guitars, fine art into the building of artwork guitars. A well-built instrument is beautiful in itself. Why shouldn't a guitar be the subject or the basis for fine art? I want to give a personal and unique look to my guitars, in which I apply various techniques like painting, sculpting, wood carving and metalwork. The source of inspiration can literally come from work, movies, a legend, any mythological theme, or even a natural motif! I am currently learning the tricks of luthier profession and guitar making, because I consider it important that artwork guitars should be functional instruments also.

                                                                                                                             Thank you for watching my website. 

                                                                                                                                                                       Laszlo Sipos

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